WeLect — Redefine elections.

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Why WeLect

WeLect seeks to redefine the old ways of elections by resolving long queues during election process.

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Grow with WeLect

With WeLect, voters can cast their vote through a local internet right from their devices. This increases the chance of voters participating in the decision making process. Parties have access to the voting source codes before election to test for hacks.

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Do business with us

WeLect runs self-diagnostic test before and during the election and provides live feed of voting counts to every legible voter. Redefine your election process with WeLect!

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WeLect Exclusive Features.


Your security is important to us. Election frauds are serious problems for electoral commissions because it leads to chaos, insecurity and lack of trust. Secure your election process with WeLect.


WeLect runs on a LAN. Security protocols are secure to protect intruders or hackers from interrupting the election process. Voters can vote within a specific designated area.

Fair Election

Candidates are allowed to scrutinize the code to ensure fair elections. This will provide an important opportunity to advance democratization and encourage political liberalization.


WeLect provides detailed analytics to the electoral commissioner. Real-time votes are counted and displayed for the voters on their device of choice.


Save your team the time to do other important stuff! With WeLect no paper work, all data needed will be recorded on the system and delivered after the election.

User Interface and Experience

The design is everything, allowing voters to vote with ease. Beautiful user interface with enhanced colour effect to drive an effective election. Get most things done with easy navigation for an effective election.


WeLect offers a fixed cost pricing model per election with access to all features.


  • Access to data
  • 500 Limited voters
  • Unlimited Candidates
  • Unlimited tech support


  • Access to data
  • 1000 Limited voters
  • Unlimited Candidates
  • Unlimited tech support


  • Access to data
  • Unlimited voters
  • Unlimited Candidates
  • Unlimited tech support
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