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The Susu App is a full-functioning application developed for both mobile devices; making it easier for people to save money and make payments in the digital form as well as eliminating risks involved in the traditional method of collecting "susu" by savings groups.

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Grow with SUSU

The Susu app saves time, costs and simplifies the processes susu agents and clients conduct their activities, that is, providing a digital solution to make life and work easier.

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Do business with us

We serve as a liaison between savings groups and their clients, and other individuals interested in saving. Our team understands the visual language and psychological behaviours of money markets and hence we enable our clients to suit diverse target groups.

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SUSU Exclusive Features.


Your security is important to us. Data breaches are serious problems for financial markets because it leads to customer insecurity. Customers do authenticate through a 4 or more digit PIN and One-Time Password token.

QR Scan

Businesses can now embrace cashless payment with SUSU. With instant QR, a QR code is generated in a few seconds for the merchant to receive payments easily by scanning the QR code.


SUSU is designed to enhance productivity and increase output. The amount of money collected by the SUSU agent can easily be accounted for. Live-update of the amount recorded are sent to the Finance plus manager portal.


With SUSU, banks can know their customers better and perform accurate data analytics to provide the best service to suit their needs. Customers can track their savings and set savings targets.


Daily transactions are recorded. Customers can reconcile internal records against records provided by the bank to help identify unusual transactions and prevent fraud or accounting errors.

Ease of Use

The design is everything, Susu is designed to be efficient with customers with little technical know-how. Clean UI/UX design to improve efficiency. Fonts and colors are visible to aid the vision impaired.

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