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Rules and Regulations

This page states the rules of the game that each team has to follow. Each participant is expected to read and understand the rules of the game. Frequently Asked Questions would be discussed on this page. However if your question is not answered, do not hesitate to send us an email on


  • A participant can be a recent graduate from Junior High School (J.H.S) or Senior High School (S.H.S). This means the participant should have graduated the same year as the competition date.
  • A participant can be a student in a Senior High School.

Team Members & Supervisors.

  • A team is made up of the minimum of 3 participants or maximum of 5 participants.
  • A team can have a supervisor but it is not compulsory.
  • The supervisor is not allowed to touch,repair or make changes to the software of the robot during the competition.
  • In the case of supervisor interference with the robot or referee decisions during the competition, the team will risk being disqualified.
  • The supervisor would be seated at the supervisory position.

Code of Conduct.

  • Robots that cause deliberate interference with other robots or damage to the field would be disqualified.
  • Humans that cause deliberate interference with other robots or damage to the field would be disqualified.
  • All teams are expected to play a fair and clean game,


  • Participants who misbehave may be asked to leave the competition area and risk the team for being disqualified from the contest.
  • The rules will be enforced at the discretion of the referees, officials, and local law enforcement authorities.


Frequently Asked Questions.

How does a team pay for registration?

The registration fee is GH₵ 250.00 per team. Further details on procedures to pay the fee would be communicated through email and the login portal after the team has registered.

Where can a team get an Arduino kit to compete?

CUBE ROBOTICS sells Arduino kits for GH₵ 250.00 and provides training to teams at a fee of GH₵ 500.00. There would be training within eight weeks to provide the team with the necessary skill to compete.

How does a team register?

Team registrations are done online. This site provides a section for team registration. A team is expected to provide the necessary details required. Follow this link, Register!.

Can a school have more than a team?

YES! There is no limit to the number of teams a school can register.

What is the winning prize?

A certificate of participation would be given to all participants. The members of the winning team would be given a plaque each, and also for their school with incentives from sponsors.

Is it necessary for a team to attend the workshop?

The purpose of the workshop is to guide the team through the procedures to attain the best performance during the competition. Further details about the workshop are available here. Follow this link Workshop.

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