CUBE ROBOTICS — Creating the Ultimate Brilliant Experience.

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Unravel talents for future innovations through technology in Ghana, Africa and beyond. CUBE ROBOTICS would push to empower young ones to achieve their potentials and dreams.

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To create the ultimate brilliant experiences in the world of technology. CUBE ROBOTICS is here to lead innovation in Africa and beyond.

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The culture of a company is one of the most essential accelerator of growth in a company. Our naming conventions are from African native languages and do have great respect for the African tradition with massive obsession for attaining mastery to be the best in the league.

CUBE ROBOTICS vision statement image


Partnership with us is nurtured on mutual trust, shared risks and profits with ambitious goals. Through our skills and competencies, we ensure that our partners receive high-quality solution and services to make your dream a reality. As our valued partner, you will have access to our resources that will grow your business.

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CUBE ROBOTICS mission statement image


Individuals that believe the vision and mission of CUBE ROBOTICS, identify themselves as CUBBIES. A thriving community that strives hard to attain mastery in skill of interest. Proactive and ready to be corrected. We believe that More attempts = More experience = Less mistakes = High chance of success. Spread the gospel of the brand like Donald Miller: Building a story brand to create the ultimate brilliant experience✊.


There are many variations of our services.


Unravel talent and unlock the potential of African engineers. CUBE strongly believes in the skills that African engineers possess and when carefully curbed, it would solve most of African problems


Finance plus is a financial software built with security,ease of use and productivity in mind to bridge the gap between financial institutions and their customers. Speed up growth in your financial institution now by contacting our sales team!


WeLect seeks to redefine the old ways of elections by resolving long queues during election process. With WeLect, voters can cast their vote through a local internet right from their smart phones. This increases the chance of voters participating in the decision making process.


Susu App is a mobile application platform that enables users to save, send and receive money. We make payments and money transfers easy with just a click and QR Scan.

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"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." — Helen Keller

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